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What Does Daniel Do

5-star coaching

Daniel Kilburn - America's Save Your Life Coach will help you open lines of communication, strengthen resiliency, and hone leadership skills so that tough conversations become easier for you, your family, and your organization!

Put together the plan needed to take action toward building an enduring legacy today

Keynote speech

Daniel will identify the greatest challenges your audience faces today. He will set the tone for your conference with clarity and purpose. Providing tools and techniques that will move the audience to action.

full day workshop

Focus on leadership and project creation techniques as they apply to family, business, personnel potential, and disaster management planning. Create your unique course of action.

multi day workshop

At the conclusion of the multi day workshop participants will have completed their desired course of action and have the tools to act independently in the accomplishment of their stated goals.

Connect through a shared goal

Leave a Legacy of Leadership, Communications, and Resiliency.

By emphasizing the importance of leadership in both family and business, I will effectively assist 1,000,000 urban families in fostering communication and preparing their children to become the leaders of tomorrow through shared objectives by 2027.

As we acknowledge the pressing environmental challenges, such as the potential submersion of the Florida Everglades, it is crucial to equip the next generation with the skills and knowledge to make a positive impact on our world.

“You always bring interesting topics but more than that you make us take action.”

This is unique about you, to make people think about whats important in life. Thank you again. Because of your speech, now my husband and I have plans for hurricane season.

Ivana J

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Disaster emergency planning assessment

Leaders are always educating themselves


Take action and complete the Disaster Emergency Planning Assessment. In five-minutes you can identify your strengths and areas needing your attention.

free emergency water eBook

Liquid Gold


Access to clean drinking water is not just a basic necessity; it is a fundamental human right. In times of crisis,

Emergency action planning Facebook group

Join The community


Receive current information on disaster management planning.

Ask questions and get answers.

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